Meet Our Team

Rosa Reyes

Dental Assistant

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, camping, spending time with family.
Favorite thing about MKS? The people I work with, and how the company is managed. I also enjoy working with children.
Family: Daughter Andrea, Son Victor.
How long have you lived in Reno? 51 years.

Kylie Kelly

Dental Assistant

Hobbies: Spending time with my family. Camping.
Favorite thing about MKS? Amazing workers and patients.
Family: 2-year-old son Ryker.
How long have you lived in Reno? 5 years.

Angela Lemus

Practice Manager

Hobbies: Camping, spending time with family and friends and watching my son play soccer.
Favorite thing about MKS? I truly enjoy working with children and serving our community. I also have an amazing team which I consider family.
Family: I am married with two children.
How long have you lived in Reno? Born and raised in Sparks, NV.
Anything else? I have worked in pediatric dentistry since 1999 and can’t imagine doing anything else.


Check out | GA Coordinator

Hobbies: Gardening, hiking.
Favorite thing about MKS? Happy, excited kids.
Family: Husband Joe, kids Alisa, Joe and Blake. Dog, Radar.
How long have you lived in Reno? 20+ years
Anything Else?  I love watching my kids excel at their passions: choir, football, baseball, ROTC, art and wrestling.

Kandy S. Sambrano

Lead Dental Assistant

Hobbies: Adult slow pitch softball, camping, traveling.
Favorite thing about MKS? The people I work with and my patients.
Family: 2 younger brothers.
How long have you lived in Reno? 35 years.
Anything Else? I love working with kids.

Erandy R. Alvarez

Practice Manager

Hobbies: Dancing, going to Mexican Rodeos, spontaneous road trips.
Favorite thing about MKS? My whole team from the doctor to the patients.
Family: Family of two
How long have you lived in Reno? 17 years

Annie Dennis

Dental Assistant

Hobbies: Working out, Hiking.
Favorite thing about MKS: Coworkers and Children.
Family: Soon to be married. I have a cat – Linus.
How long have you lived in Reno? One and a half years.


Dental Assistant

Hobbies: Being a ninja, baking, playing with my kids.
Favorite thing about MKS? Working with children, Dr. Gookin, the awesome girls I work with.
Family: Husband Nick married for 10 years, kids Sage – 14 years old, Sophia – 9 years old, Luke – 6 years old.
How long have you lived in Reno? Eight years
Anything else? Favorite Disney movie – Star Wars / Peter Pan
Favorite Star Wars character – Yoda and R2D2
Favorite super hero – Captain America / Wonder Woman
Favorite princess – Moana / Anel


Office Manager

Hobbies: Spending time with family, watching sports and sky diving.
Favorite thing about MKS? Working for such an amazing doctor, my team, and helping the children.
Family: The best and most-loving husband, three amazing daughters, one crazy dog.
How long have you lived in Reno? Born and raised.

Genoveva Q.

Hospital | Check Out Coordinator

Hobbies: Crafting and Hiking.
Favorite thing about MKS? Patient care, working with Dr. Gookin and Team.
Family: I have two daughters and one dog named Blair.
How long have you lived in Reno? Born.


Front Desk

Hobbies: Spending time outdoors.
Favorite thing about MKS: The team!
How long have you lived in Reno? Five years.


Dental Assistant

Hobbies: Shopping, dancing, sushi.
Favorite thing about MKS? The patients, working with Dr. Wilde.
Family: Three sisters.
How long have you lived in Reno? Three years.