Adolescent Dentistry

Tongue Piercing – Is it Really Cool?

You may have noticed that more and more young people are piercing their tongue, cheeks or lips lately. What you and the person piercing their body may not know, is how dangerous this actually can be to your body. Think about it, there are million upon million of bacteria and living orgasnisms in your mouth, heightening your risk for infection other serious issues such as brain abscess, heart infections and nerve disorders. In some cases, tongues

Tobacco – Bad News in Any Form

Smokeless tobacco, likewise called spit, bite or snuff, is regularly utilized by high schoolers who trust that it is a different option for smoking cigarettes. This is a sad misinterpretation. Studies demonstrate that spit tobacco may be more addictive than smoking cigarettes and may be harder to stop. High schoolers who use it might be intrigued to realize that one jar of snuff a day is the same intake as 60 cigarettes. It is best to help your children avoid tobacco in any form, and by taking those steps you will eliminate a lot of cancer-causing chemicals around them and prevent them from getting into their mouth and forming bad habits.